Bill pay

Automate payments from initiation to reconciliation

Skip data entry and pay your bills in the same place you manage your books.
Release payments with the click of a button and enjoy the magic of smart bulk payments.
Simplify your payments
With features like bill uploads, team approvals, scheduling, and bulk pay, we help you automate and simplify your payments.
Pay always on time
Plan your payments according to due dates and what makes sense for your working capital. Never miss a payment.
Customize controls
Create a review and approval process for bills of any size. Stay in control of payments with role-based permissions.
Boost productivity
Automatically sync reconciled payments to your accounting software to close your books instantly.

Process payments up to 2x faster

Easy. Fast. Secure. Initiate one-click payments, drag-and-drop invoices or forward them via email, and we will prepare a payment initiation pending your approval.

Easy one-click payments

Help your finance team simplify payments with features like bill uploads, team approvals, scheduling, and bulk pay.

Drag-and-drop invoice payments

Simply drag and drop an invoice into Airbank - or forward it by email - and we'll prepare a payment initiation pending your approval.

Payments on due date

Time payments according to due dates and to what benefits your working capital. Also, plan ahead by adding recurring payments to your cash flow forecasts.

Custom payment approval rules

Create an approval process based on the amount, the bank account, and other custom filters for absolute control over payment initiation.

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"I appreciate that you store all customer data only on servers in Germany. I'm also a big fan of the interface - and that you can connect with a large amount of banks"
Founder and CEO of Shimejito
"Great real-time visibility and charts. I really liked the cash flow tab and forecasting/controlling functions!"
Finance Director of Waylay
"As an e-commerce company, having an overview of bills and transactions is super important to me. WIth Airbank I am able to see exactly who to pay and when I can pay them."
Founder and CEO of Spice Village

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