Finance your Startup Without Giving Up Equity

May 17, 2022
Finance your Startup Without Giving Up Equity

As a startup ourselves, we know the importance of growth and the challenges that come with it. 

One of those challenges relates to funding. You need resources like staff, inventory, and marketing to scale—and these resources usually cost more than you think they do. So, getting funding sooner in your company’s journey can help you plan for growth. 

When you're looking for funding, where do you go first? Debt and equity-based funding have traditionally been the go-to options for most startups, but they aren’t always best-suited for founders that want to avoid making personal guarantees or giving away equity.

That’s why in the last few years, Revenue-Based Financing has become one of the more popular funding options for startups.

About Uncapped

Today we announce our partnership with Uncapped to offer an alternative financing model for startups with decisions in only 24 hours!

Uncapped’s Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) allows founders to raise growth capital without giving up control of their business. The company was born out of frustration with the limited financing options available for European entrepreneurs, and provides business advances of between €10k and €5m with 0% interest and no hidden charges, allowing founders to access fair and flexible finance. It makes money by charging a low flat fee which is paid back from future sales revenue.

“Uncapped is the perfect partner for us because we want to achieve the same thing: to simplify the daily routine of banking and finance management for small-and medium-sized businesses.” Christopher Zemina, Co-founder and CEO of Airbank said.


With their motto “Grow on your terms” Uncapped offers funding from 10.000 to 5.000.000€ through a revenue-share agreement. To get granted, you are required to:

- Have an online model (e.g. Ecommerce, Subscription, D2C, Mobile app, SaaS)

- Provide 6+ months of trading (proven record of growth and sales)

- Prove €10k+ monthly revenue (selling at least €10,000 per month)

What makes Uncapped different?

👟 They move fast – customers can apply in minutes and get a decision in 24 hours

🤸 They’re flexible – if revenue slows down, so do the repayments

🔒 Customers keep control – there are no personal guarantees or loss of equity

🕊️ Worry-free pricing - 0% interest and no hidden charges; you know the costs upfront

🏠 No collateral needed – unlike banks, Uncapped never asks for collateral or personal guarantees

“We can’t wait to bring Uncapped’s fast and flexible financing to Airbank’s customers. Offering our revenue-based financing as part of one of Europe’s fastest-growing financial platforms helps digital entrepreneurs grow their online business on terms that suit them, not the bank.” Piotr Pisarz, CEO at Uncapped said in a statement.

How does it work?

🖥️ Log into your Airbank account and visit the "Financing" tab

🖱️ Click on "Get started" and choose the amount of your fund

🎢 Connect your sales and banking platforms within the application

🕗 Get a decision on your fund in less than 24 hours*

You have questions?

Send us a quick note here (we always reply within 2 business days) or visit your app to chat with one of our advisors. 

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