Launching Revenue-Based Financing | Airbank x iwoca

May 12, 2022
Launching Revenue-Based Financing | Airbank x iwoca

You know Airbank for managing all your bank accounts, bills, cashflow, and forecasting in one place. Today, we have partnered with iwoca to offer funding options in only 24 hours*. Avoid liquidity bottlenecks and let your financing be flexible as you grow your company.

About iwoca

iwoca was founded in 2012 to improve credit access for the self-employed and small businesses. In 2015, the company entered the German market, where it has quickly grown to become the largest Fin-tech loan provider specializing exclusively in the business models of smaller companies. iwoca does not require long questionnaires, complicated documents or unnecessary bureaucracy for a loan application, unlike a house bank, and has already provided Revenue-based Financing (RBF) to over 65,000 small businesses.

About Revenue-based Financing

Revenue-based financing (RBF) is an alternative financing model in which companies raise funds based on future revenue. It differs from traditional debt and equity-based funding as it doesn't involve loss of equity or personal guarantees. In an RBF model, advances are approved on the assumption that a company will repay a percentage of their sales every month. Higher-revenue months results in a bigger monthly repayment, while lower-revenue months means smaller monthly repayment and a longer term overall.


Our partner iwoca offers loans from 1.000 to 200.000€ with a term of up to 24 months. The repayment takes place in monthly installments. Meanwhile, you can react flexibly and make adjustments to your loan through early repayments or top-ups. Interest is only due for the days on which you actually use the credit.

Benefits of iwoca's Flexi Credit
  • Easy application: The digital application is non-binding and takes only a few minutes.
  • Lightning-fast review: you receive your credit decision in less than 24 hours*.
  • Flexibility: early repayments are free and possible from day 1. You're in control.
  • No hidden fees: You only pay interest on the current outstanding amount, there are no other costs.
  • Real-time overview: You can view the daily outstanding loan amount or request top-ups at any time.
How does it work?

🖥️ Log into your Airbank account and visit the "Financing" tab

💶 Click on "Get started" and choose the amount of your fund

🎢 Start and fill your application

🕗 Get a decision on your fund in less than 24 hours*

You have questions?

SSend us a quick note here (we always reply within 2 business days) or visit your app to chat with one of our advisors. 

*After completing your application, iwoca usually only needs 24 hours to make the decision and usually only 48 hours to send the money.

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