The new and improved Cash Flow tab is here

August 31, 2022
The new and improved Cash Flow tab is here

Faster, more refined, and easier to use. We’re proud to introduce our brand new cash flow tab. 

With the updates you get richer insights into your cash flow, charts to help visualize your balances, filters by bank accounts and time periods, as well as the ability to forecast based on historical fluxes, recurrent expenses, and future transactions.

This enhancement empowers business managers in an unparalleled way: with intelligence and pragmatism. You no longer need to wait months for an accountant to present your cash flow reports, and you can quickly see where your company stands and what waits ahead. The new cash flow tab integration with the in-platform bills and transactions, topped with our recently added 20,000 new financial institutions, provides you with all you need to start planning ahead,  progress, and be successful.

Now, let’s talk about the updates.

Richer insights

Log into Airbank, and you will see more data within the cash flow page itself. We’ve made the data analysis more intuitive and granular – break down every single transaction by just selecting it on the table. Understand how your budget is composed by investigating your revenues and expenditures with only one click.

More visual than ever

One image is worth a thousand words. We added charts to illustrate your past, current, and future cash positions, so you can instantly grasp where it was, where it is and where your business is going

Full control over your expenses

What’s the situation with your expenses in your main account? What about your secondary accounts? Ever felt like zooming into a particular period of growth or turbulence? The new filters for bank accounts and time periods are there to solve those mysteries and make your management even more sophisticated.

Refined forecasting

The forecast upgraded in two different ways: 

  • There is a new breakdown of costs: before, when you plugged in a value of EUR 500 for an upcoming month, you could not separate the components of this amount (eg: rent + supply + employee training). Airbank now allows you to do so, and thus have a deeper understanding of your predictions at any time.
  • Future bills and transactions are immediately integrated into your forecasts. Anything you add as a future expense will now immediately communicate with the cash flow tab. Is this a non-certain expenditure and you don’t want it there right now? No problem – you can always edit monthly forecasts to see how your business would behave with or without that transaction.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

We at Airbank want to be your one-stop shop for finance operations management. Bank coverage all through Europe, real-time cash flow insights, pre-accounting, financing up to EUR 10 million, integrated payments… This is only the beginning, and we’d love to hear from you if you still have any questions or feedback.

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