You asked, we acted: Airbank just added coverage for 15,000+ more banks

July 19, 2022
You asked, we acted: Airbank just added coverage for 15,000+ more banks

Over 20,000 bank integrations available as Airbank partners with Klarna

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Klarna Kosmo, which quadruples the number of banks Airbank users can connect in their accounts. We now can provide you with your banking data in real-time from all major and most local European banks, and many major banks in the USA.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Connected banking is an essential starting point

I’ll ask you this first: why are banking integrations important for using Airbank? 

Because the transactions that those banks host form the backbone of all financial operations: real-time visibility into all your inflows and outflows is essential for you to stay on top of your admin tasks, saving you time - and the frustration of switching between banks.

But we think big at Airbank, and we want to turn those saved minutes into saved hours, and turn visibility into insight.  

The future of Finance Operations

Partnering with the world-renowned Klarna demonstrates our commitment to revolutionizing how modern businesses manage their finance operations, and we’re proud to offer their open banking services to our users.

Completely automated bank synchronization enables you to leverage the full value of Airbank in all areas of your finance operations. Share your real-time cash flow with your team at a moment’s notice, be ready for the accounting at any time with automated bill matching, and coming soon: pay bills through Airbank with Airbank Pay.

We’re building the first Finance Operations Platform for SMBs, to give CEOs the power of CFOs, and turn CFOs into Finance teams. If you want to be part of this journey, check out Airbank here.

We know that providing global bank connectivity coverage is at the heart of Airbank’s value, and we’re so excited to see how this gives you the control over your finance operations that you need to succeed.

— Patrick
CTO of Airbank

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