Cash advance

Get fast and flexible funding to grow your business

We’ve partnered with banks and Fin-techs to help you fund your business.
Get fast access to capital from €10K to €5M so you can focus on growing your business. See how much you can get in a matter of minutes.
Super quick financing
You can apply through Airbank, receive an offer in 24h and get back to growing your business. No surprises.
Maintain all control
No loss of equity or personal guarantees. raising capital doesn’t mean founders suffer expensive dilution.
Stay flexible all the way
A revenue-share (RBF) model means you only repay when you generate sales. If revenues slow, so do repayments.
Worry-free pricing
Know the full cost of your financing upfront. We deduct a fixed % of your sales until the total owed is repaid + a flat fee.

Finance your marketing, inventory or hiring

Get instant access to funding thanks to our partnerships with banks. Investments range from €10K to €5M and are repaid via a revenue-share (RBF) model.

Fast and simple application

Apply in minutes, get a decision in 24 hours. Eligibility is determined solely based on your cash flow history with Airbank; no bank visits required.

Super-quick funding

Fast underwriting. No lengthy application. Funds are typically disbursed the next business day directly into your bank account.

Flexible repayments

Repayment adjusts to your daily sales. Our partners deduct a fixed percentage of your sales until the total owed is repaid.

One flat fee, no surprises

We charge one simple fee that never changes. No compounding interest charges. No collateral obligations. No late fees. No bad surprises.

We approve 8 out of 10 merchants

Most businesses who meet these criteria are eligible:
An online model
E-commerce, Subscription, D2C, Mobile app, or SaaS
6+ months of trading
Proven track record of growth and sales.
€10k+ monthly revenue
Selling at least €10,000 per month.

See why fast-growing businesses love Airbank

Trusted by more than 1,000 businesses today, in all sectors.
"I appreciate that you store all customer data only on servers in Germany. I'm also a big fan of the interface - and that you can connect with a large amount of banks"
Founder and CEO of Shimejito
"Great real-time visibility and charts. I really liked the cash flow tab and forecasting/controlling functions!"
Finance Director of Waylay
"As an e-commerce company, having an overview of bills and transactions is super important to me. WIth Airbank I am able to see exactly who to pay and when I can pay them."
Founder and CEO of Spice Village

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