Cash management

Track your cash flow in real-time and forecast with ease

We give you a real-time view into your business cash flow in just one glance.
Spend less time managing spreadsheets and more time focused on what really matters – your business.
Avoid manual work
Get accurate cash flow reporting and forecasting without the spreadsheet chaos. Boost efficiency of your finance team.
Track everything in real-time
Get real-time updates from banks directly in Airbank and see your cash flow as it happens to make much faster decisions.
Gain ultimate visibility
Track key metrics in your dashboard and drill into details. Automate your analytics to gain even more visibility.
Have custom control
Add your team members and set custom permissions for your finance team to stay in control of all your accounts.

Leave complicated spreadsheets behind

We give you a view into the health of your business cash flow in just one glance, in an easy-to-navigate dashboard that you can access 24/7. You won't look back.

Ultimate visibility, better decisions

Analyze spend patterns with search and filtering. Our live visual charts and interactive dashboards will help you uncover hidden insights on the fly.

Built-in, powerful forecasting

Replace spreadsheets with a modern forecasting tool that automatically syncs your actuals with the forecast.

Effortless categorization

Set your own categories or match the logic of your accounting. Our engine automatically sorts all your transactions and allows you to zoom into expense categories.

All your subscriptions in one place

Our counter-party engine automatically filters transactions from your recurring subscriptions to give you more insight into your spending habits.

See why fast-growing businesses love Airbank

Trusted by more than 1,000 businesses today, in all sectors.
"I appreciate that you store all customer data only on servers in Germany. I'm also a big fan of the interface - and that you can connect with a large amount of banks"
Founder and CEO of Shimejito
"Great real-time visibility and charts. I really liked the cash flow tab and forecasting/controlling functions!"
Finance Director of Waylay
"As an e-commerce company, having an overview of bills and transactions is super important to me. WIth Airbank I am able to see exactly who to pay and when I can pay them."
Founder and CEO of Spice Village

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