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Founders simplify their finances, and reduce additional admin to focus more on what matters - business growth.
Lower admin and capital costs, with a better overview of finances leads to a more informed team who can deliver on targets.
With Airbank, controllers simplify Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes to focus on strategic business partnering.
Eliminating mundane accounting tasks through wide and robust integrations leads to smoother client relationships.

Having all finances in one place is a major time saver that can easily go unnoticed

Konstantin signed up to Airbank to solve one specific problem he had at Fittaste: having all finances in one place.
No more working on 10 tools at once, but having everything at a glance. That's a major time saver that can easily go unnoticed.

Today, Airbank saves us time and that already helps us tremendously. We hope that through our feedback we can improve the development even more! Clear and always up to date financial data in one place. That's what Airbank offers.

Konstantin Ladwein
Founder and CEO of Fittaste

Before Airbank, liquidity planning meant additional administrative effort

David became aware of Airbank through social media, and was using manual spreadsheets to monitor his liquidity. Especially in crunch times, this led to a loss of overview of his cash position, and potential purchases were missed.
The main reason we joined was the automatic categorization of payment flows - thanks to a simple connection to our bank and PayPal accounts. The resulting overview including the forecasts have become an essential basis for our decisions!

Since we started working with Airbank, our effort for liquidity planning has been reduced to a minimum - this means no more manual and confusing tables, but real time insight into already categorized cash flows.

David Auer
Co-Founder & Managing Director of astronauts & cowboys

Airbank helps everyone at Folk better understand their finances'

After years of struggling in Excel and messy spreadsheets, Simo decided to search for a tool with easy-to-understand dashboards for accounting, and financial planning. That's when he learned about Airbank.
We switched to Airbank immediately after our $4M Seed funding, and have been using it consistently for doing three-way forecasts, predicting runway, hiring and contractor budgets, and investor updates.

Airbank also helps everyone at Folk understand our finances’ even if they haven’t worked with accounting spreadsheets before. The platform added roles and permissions recently, so we can give or restrict access to different people, like leaders of specific departments. That's super!

Simo Lemhandez
Co-Founder and COO of Folk

For e-commerce, having an overview of bills and transactions is crucial

As an e-commerce CEO, having an overview of bills and transactions is super important to Shivam. With Airbank he can see exactly who to pay and when to pay them.
I've tried many tools that have basic functionality but were still weighed down by bugs. Because of this, I was still using Excel for forecasts and categorization. Until I recently moved warehouses and realized I had 0 insight into how much cash will be left!

I like using Airbank for the all-in-one solution. Bulk cat, invoice upload and forecasting features are among my favorites. I'm looking forward to payments, further invoicing/reconciliation and forecasting development!

Shivam Parikh
Founder and CEO of Spice Village

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