Company cards
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Give smart cards for your team and track expenses

Issue Airbank’s smart company cards with individual spending limits.
Empower your team to buy the things they need for work, while we sort the paperwork automatically.
Save time and money
Airbank saves time for your people and money for your business, on expenses, reimbursements and more.
Track spend in real-time
Get the details you need on every single purchase. This gives your finance team a whole new level of control.
Empower your team
Give employees the freedom to buy the things they need for work. Our virtual and plastic cards come with spending limits.
Boost productivity
Automate expenses from start to finish. We remove the tedious admin from every stage of business expense management.

All of your expenses, covered

One tool for all employee expenses - whether it’s cash transactions or software subscriptions. All expenses will be easily accounted for and reimbursed with Airbank.

Smart cards with individual limits

Our physical and virtual cards come with custom spending limits. Empower your people and give your finance team a whole new level of control.

Real-time overview

Admins get details on every purchase. When something doesn’t look right, you can just flag it with a click or freeze your expense card if needed.

Effortless bookkeeping

Digital receipt capture reduces errors, while our categorization engine sorts every purchase instantly for easy accounting.

Cashback from top merchants

Airbank partners with popular business service providers for discounts and sign-up offers. Get rewards and cash back on Google Workspaces, Slack, Twilio and others.

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Trusted by more than 1,000 businesses today, in all sectors.
"I appreciate that you store all customer data only on servers in Germany. I'm also a big fan of the interface - and that you can connect with a large amount of banks"
Founder and CEO of Shimejito
"Great real-time visibility and charts. I really liked the cash flow tab and forecasting/controlling functions!"
Finance Director of Waylay
"As an e-commerce company, having an overview of bills and transactions is super important to me. WIth Airbank I am able to see exactly who to pay and when I can pay them."
Founder and CEO of Spice Village

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