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Manage all your startup’s finances from one place

Scale your startup with Airbank. Access your bank accounts, monitor your cash flow in real-time, and forecast finances with ease. Spend less time on admin and more time focused on what matters – your business.
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Airbank is revolutionizing the way business finances are managed

A few key facts about Airbank that address the most common questions.

Airbank is not a bank.

Airbank helps you manage and automate everything between your bank transactions and accounting software in real-time.

Airbank connects to 2.000+ banks across Europe.

Airbank uses Open Banking APIs to integrate your existing bank accounts into our platform to give you a modern and unified banking experience.

Airbank integrates seamlessly with your accounting.

Tired of being asked what you spent €17 on three weeks ago? Airbank streamlines collaboration with your accountant to make closing your books faster.
"Airbank offers companies and start-ups software to keep an eye on their finances and thus their liquidity in real time."
"This is just a starting point; Airbank wants to become the only interface for all your banking needs."
"After raising capital in a pre-seed round in March, they are now, a few weeks later, raising another €2.5 million."
One of the hottest European seed investments of 2021

Smart finance management to save you time and money

Meet the only finance management platform designed to save you time and money. Simplify your finance stack and control your finances from one place.
Pay your bills seamlessly
Monitor your cash flow
Close your books faster

Banking hub

Connect your bank accounts and get started

Bill pay

Pay your bills seamlessly, single or in bulk

Cash management

Monitor your cash flow with one click

Accounting automation

Close your books faster with accounting integrations

Cash advance

Get funding to grow your business faster

Company cards

Give your employees smarter company cards

95% of our users got Airbank up and running in 30 minutes

From small brick-and-mortar shops to fast-growing startups,
our customers are seeing the value right away!
"We're looking to manage everything in one tool. Forecasting is currently done manually in Excel. Found Airbank very clear and better than many things I've seen so far!"
COO of Goldmind GmbH
"Connected my kontist/solarisbank account. I love the tagging and categorization features!"
Founder of Slowlettuce
"I was looking for a liquidity planning tool and found all others disappointing. Airbank has what I needed."
Co-Founder & CEO of Wehorse
"Great real-time visibility and charts. I really liked the cash flow tab and forecasting/ controlling functions!"
Finance Director of Waylay
"I appreciate that you store all customer data only on servers in Germany. I'm also a big fan of the interface - and that you can connect with a large amount of banks"
Co-Founder & CEO of Shimejito
"Love your tool, the centralized dashboard, and the great overview!"
Founder & CEO of Mark.One Bakery
"As an e-commerce company, having an overview of bills and transactions is super important to me. WIth Airbank I am able to see exactly who to pay and when I can pay them."
Co-Founder & CEO of Spice Village

How your business can benefit

Built for founders and finance teams, Airbank helps you save time and money that can be easily spent on more important aspects of your business. How? We’re glad you asked.
We help you reduce unnecessary log-ins and disjointed systems by controlling your finances from one place.
Why wait for month-end to see your cash balance? Get real-time data to make smart decisions and trim wasteful spend.
80% of finance processes can be automated with Airbank, saving you 24h per month on repetitive tasks.

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